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Psychological Assessments

Diagnostic and psychoeducational assessments can provide important clarity in deciding on treatment options. Furthermore, they can be used to pursue disability benefits or accommodations at school or work. They can also bring great insight to our clients and their families to understand the unique way they are wired and what can bring out their very best. 


Our customized psycho-educational assessments are tailored to evaluate the various learning styles or processing differences that may impact a person’s effectiveness at school, work, and in day-to-day functioning.


This may include:

  • Giftedness

  • ADHD

  • Autism 

  • Learning disabilities

  • Intellectual disabilities 

  • Behavioural/emotional issues

  • Mental health issues 


We are known for the quality and accuracy of our reports and the comprehensive, practical recommendations we provide parents and educators. This can often clear up any confusion or even misdiagnosis, and can provide useful accommodations or next steps that will help our clients advocate for themselves or their children, so that they are given the best opportunity to do their best.


Knowing how anxious parents are to help their child, we also commit to ensuring a rapid turnaround time from the initial testing until the report is completed.


Please check your work health insurance plan to see if you have coverage for psychological services by a registered psychologist. Many plans will cover most of the cost of an assessment. If this service is of interest to you, please contact Dr. Lin at

In-Home Services

Often after we assess and diagnose a child, parents will ask, “Now what?” They can often feel at a loss for knowing how to support their child or help them thrive. 


With this need in mind, we offer parenting coaching with a focus on practical, actionable next steps. The focus is on building the all-important connection and attachment between parents and child. Many parents report experiencing significant improvements in their relationship with their child and their confidence to know how to respond to issues. 


We also offer an in-home clinical program which matches young clients with an in-home specialist who is able to use the home environment as a therapeutic milieu to teach much-needed life skills. The home is a natural and less threatening space than a psychotherapist’s office, and therefore can be more ideal for teaching and practicing skills for real life situations, such as:


  • Emotional regulation 

  • Social skills

  • Communication 

  • Stress management 

  • Behaviour management

  • Study skills 

  • Life skills


Supervised by a highly experienced parenting coach and clinical psychologist, these in-home specialists often operate as the bridge between our clinic, our clients’ home and their school. 


Please check your work health insurance plan to see if you have coverage for psychological services by a registered psychologist. Many plans will cover most of the cost of these in-home sessions. If this service is of interest to you, please contact Dr. Lin at

Dr. Merry Lin

PhD, CPsych
Dr. Lin (2).png

Dr. Merry C. Lin is a psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience. At the Evergreen Counselling Centre, she provides psycho-educational and diagnostic assessments to identify giftedness, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and behavioural/emotional/mental health issues. She also provides consultation and supervision services for psychotherapists and in-home specialists. 


Additionally, she is the Executive Director of Dr. Lin & Associates where she leads a team of leadership and life coaches and HR management consultants. In this role, Dr. Lin is an executive and leadership coach. She also consults with corporations and not-for-profit organizations, providing expertise in a wide variety of areas, including mental health, stress management, trauma, leadership and team development. She has an extensive background in assessment, working with individuals and organizations for selection, career assessments, developmental and leadership coaching purposes, and the selection of leaders and executives. 


A wise counsellor and respected speaker, she can be heard on her popular podcast, The Fully Lived Life (, with her friend, Coach Gillian, where they speak about life, love and purpose through the lens of faith and science. Dr. Lin has made regular TV appearances on 700 Club Canada, 100 Huntley Street, A Better Us and See Hear Love, and her teaching videos are available on RightNow Media. Dr. Lin is the author of The Fully Lived Life: Rescuing Our Souls from All that Holds Us Back.

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