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A Centre for Growth and Change

Our centre exists to provide a safe and hospitable place for individuals, couples and families to explore the challenges of their lives and relationships.  We seek to facilitate change and growth that will lead to wholehearted living and thriving relationships. The therapists at Evergreen Counselling Centre have a passion for the work they do and seek to provide a sense of hope in the midst of pain.

We are excited to announce that beginning in September 2023, 

Melanie Moses will be joining our team as a Counselling Intern working under the supervision of Susan Kay (MSc., RP, RMFT). You can learn more about Melanie here.


Take this opportunity to meet with a new and energetic therapist, there are several advantages to meeting with an intern:


  • They are recently trained and up to date on the most current evidence-based training

  • Smaller caseload results in more time to prepare for sessions and flexibility in scheduling

  • They are supervised by a seasoned and highly experienced therapist – it’s like having two therapists!

  • Reduced fees make psychotherapy more accessible

Why Evergreen?

Trees and plants thrive when they have well cultivated roots, are planted in healthy soil, and are cared for according to their unique characteristics and needs. The therapeutic process is similar to the commitment of a gardener who tends to the soil, waters, prunes and protects so that the trees and plants can flourish and blossom to their full potential. In the human experience, there are often challenges in the roots of the family of origin as well as both external and internal obstacles that may inhibit a person or a relationship to be have the ability to move towards a life that is full and meaningful.


Evergreen trees are often considered strong, resilient, with deep roots and a strong core. They too lose foliage, grow and replenish year after year. And evergreen trees do best when planted with other trees and not in an isolated setting.  At Evergreen Counselling Centre, we believe in the strength and resilience of our clients and desire to cultivate the changes and growth that would lead to a connected and authentic life.

Who we are.

Evergreen Counselling Centre was established in 2012 by Susan Kay with a vision to one day expanding and cultivating a colleagial working environment. In February of 2018, the Centre moved to a larger office and grew to fill the space. We are proud of our team of caring and competent therapists. Susan is honoured to bring leadership to this inspiring group of professionals.


Contact Us

Evergreen Counselling Centre

1689 Bloor Street

Courtice, Ontario

L1E 2N1

Tel:  (905) 240-4600
Fax: (905) 240-4603

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